Weather Alerts

Ness County continues to offer its residents a chance to be notified of severe weather in their area. In the event of a severe weather warning, the Immediate Response Information System (IRIS) will send out alerts to the communication devices you choose (home, cell and work phone, or email).

Ness County Emergency Management encourages citizens to fill out this signup form to receive free severe weather alerts.

If you have already signed up, but you are no longer receiving IRIS alerts it may be due to an out-of-date service number or email and your information will need to be updated.

Each user registering to receive IRIS messages through this Software acknowledges and agrees that neither TechRadium, the Northwest Kansas Regional Homeland Security Council, nor any Kansas County guarantees that each intended recepient will receive the IRIS message and further agrees not to hold any party herein liable for any injury in the event the IRIS message is not received.